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Given the multifarious nature of demands across various domains, customization becomes indispensable for meeting some of the specialized needs. Thereby, every activity from designing, engineering till production and distribution is paid utmost attention. As a result, we can customize various types of standard sized and custom designed pallet.

We work in close coordination with the clients to understand their specific requirements and develop products accordingly. Near about 100 per cent of the manufactured pallets are customized to suit customers' requirements.


We are dealing quality assured range of pallets and materials handling equipment. These are manufacture using top grade raw materials, which are tested before employing it for production. Our range comprises:

    Steel Pallets
       2-Drum Pallets
       3-Single Drum Pallet
       4-Wing Steel Pallet
       5-Single Deck Flat Pallet
       6-Double Deck Flat Steel Pallets
       7-Metal Dunnage Block
       8-Pre Rolled Pallets
       9-Custom Pallet

    Cage Pallets
       1-Collapsible Wire Mesh Container
       2-Fully Collapsible Bins
       3-Half Drop Bins
       4-Wire Mesh Pallet
       5-Wire Mesh Retention Cage
       6-Box Pallets
       7-Cage Bins
       8-Metal Pallet Cage

    Stainless Steel Pallet
       1-Stainless Steel Flat Pallet

       1-Gas Cylinder Trolley
       2-Double Cylinder Trolley
       3-Double Gas Cylinder Trolley

    Metal Rivets
       1-Two Part Solid Brass Threaded
       2-Two Part Solid Brass Snap Rivet
       3-Brass Rivet Buttons
       4-Base Studs For Handbags
       5-Hollow Rivet
       6-Tablet Rivet
       7-Two Part Solid Brass Sheet Rivet
       8-Dome Rivet

    Dog Hooks
       1-Dog Hooks
       2-Lifting Hooks
       3-Lashing Hook

    Metal Rings
       1-D And O Rings
       2-Security Locks

    Pullers And Sliders

       1-Metal Pullers And Sliders

    Metal Logo
       1-Designer Metal Logo

    Metal Ornament
       1-Designer Metal Ornament

    Saddlery Fittings
       1-Metal Saddlery Fittings

    Metal Buckles
      1-Strap Buckles
      2-Belt Buckles
      3-Shoe Buckles
      4-Roller Buckle

    Metal Trolley
      1-Single Cylinder Trolley
      2-Double Cylinder Trolley
      3-Plateform Trolley

    Flywheel Magneto
      1-Flywheel Magneto
      3-Stator Vespa Type

    Money Clips
    Mobile Clips

    Magnetic Buttons
       1-Hidden Magnetic Buttons
       2-Magnetic Buttons
       3-Magnetic And Non-Magnetic Buttons
       4-18mm Magnetic Button
       5-Magnetic Button 14mm
       6-14mm Slim Magnetic Button
       7-Magnetic Button 10mm Slim
       8-Magnetic Button 18mm Slim
       9-Magnetic Button 18mm CUP Type
       10-Magnetic Button 26mm
       11-Magnetic Button Rectangle

    Shoe Horns
       1-Shoe Horns
       2-Foldable Shoe Horn

    Shoe Fittings
       1-Toe Rand
       2-Steel Midsole

    Metal Chains
      1-Handbag Chains And Dog Chains
      2-Belt Chains And Shoe Chains
      3-Key Chains & Key Rings

    Purse Frames
      1-Fashion Purse Frames

    Metal Eyelets
      1-Decorative Eyelets
      2-Brass Eyelets
      3-Aluminium Eyelets And Washers
      4-Brass Shoe Hooks & D Rings
      5-Steel Eyelets
      6-Steel Shoe Hooks & D Rings

    Key Chains
       1- 6 Hook Key Chain With Plate

    Storage Pallets
       1-Box Pallets
       2-Custom Pallets


       1-Gold Plating
       2-Nickle Plating
       3-Reach Compliant Electroplating
       4-Copper Plating
       5-Brass Plating
       6-Zinc Plating
       7-Black Nickle Electroplating

       1-Hidden Magnet 20x12x2
       2-Round Hidden Magnet Size 10x2
       3-Round Hidden Magnet Size 15x1.5
       4-Hidden Magnetic Buttons 17X2
       5-Hidden Magnetic Button 18x2
       6-Hidden Magnet 19x2
       7-Round Hidden Magnet 20x2
       8-Rectangular Hidden Magnet Of 25x10x2

Quality Control

We follow a strict quality control policy throughout the production process. We ensure genuineness of raw materials prior to production. Therefore, we source the materials from trusted steel producers like Arcelor Mittal, Corus, SAIL, Tata, and other reputed manufacturers, that are in consonance with  stringent norms of International / NABL approved labs.

To ascertain defect free products, the range of steel pallets are made to pass through below listed quality tests:

  • Dimensional report for incoming, process, end product, etc.
  • Load Test to testify the load it can carry
  • LPI, MPI, etc. testing on joints
  • Drop test to check if it meets with safety standards and deformation is within permissible limits
  • Surface preparation and checking- edges, grinding, rust removal, sand blasting,etc. to meet the required surface finish before painting
  • The Paint's DFT is checked, with quality certificates from the manufacturer's lab
  • Visual Inspection
  • Any other test as required by customer.